• Approval

    We guaranteed entrance into the show until the show is full. Space is limited and we only have 150 spots to fill, SO ACT FAST! This is due to the limited number of spots we have available on the practice field.

  • Judging

    Judging will be conducted by a panel of experienced car show patrons. All judging scores are final.

  • Cost

    The vehicle registration fee is $50.00. All entry fees are non-refundable unless staff denies car approval.

  • Photo & Video Release

    By entering your ride you allow your vehicle and/or person to be photographed or filmed and produced.

  • You Will Receive

    Every car accepted receives the following: Driver Entrance to Show, Two Additional Entry Tickets, Redskins Rides Dash Plaque, Redskins Rides T-Shirt, and a Goodie Bag of Sponsors Materials.

Registration for this year’s show has been closed. Please email us at RedskinsRides2016@gmail.com.